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"Being able to create something that is not only a joy to play, but can move others is incredible. It is an escape like any other art, but no other art can keep me as interested! Showing young musicians how to play and seeing them progress because of what you have taught them is very rewarding."

Randy Newbury holds a BA in Music from WCSU with a focus on classical guitar. He has performed in multiple classical and jazz guitar ensembles, and has been playing in bands since he was 15, including 2 cover bands, a funk band and a progressive rock band. Randy is currently gigging with his progressive rock band, Forget Paris, and hopes to one day pursue his master’s degree in performance or education.

The Music School's guitar lessons are an exciting way to bring music into you or your child's schedule!

Do you want to jam with your friends? Maybe just rock out for fun? Learn to play pop, jazz, funk, or classical! Perhaps you'd like to play guitar as a stress reliever or for physical therapy? Learn the fundamentals, from keeping a basic, steady tempo, to playing the lead guitar through chord changes. Maybe you always wanted to learn to play ukulele or banjo but never had the time. Learning to play an instrument will develop problem solving skills, discipline, and self expression.

Learn how to:

tunerTune your instrument
music standPlay with proper technique
sheet musicUse music theory
rockstar handPlay like your favorite artists!