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Chris Arnone has been studying the guitar since he was seven years old, when he began taking lessons at Bethel Music Center. He recently attained his B.A. in Biology and is currently pursuing his B.M. in Jazz Studies from Western Connecticut State University, where he studies under Christopher Morrison. Chris has over ten years of experience gigging, recording, teaching, and writing with bands, orchestras, combos, duos, and, most notably, his band Lavender Social Club. The driving force behind all his musical endeavors is his connection with others; he uses music as a means of understanding and his compassion for those around him inspires his music and performances. Because of this philosophy, he emphasizes creating a compassionate learning environment where each student is treated uniquely to help them grow as individuals.

The Music School's guitar lessons are an exciting way to bring music into you or your child's schedule!

Do you want to jam with your friends? Maybe just rock out for fun? Learn to play pop, jazz, or classical music! Perhaps you'd like to play guitar as a stress reliever or for physical therapy? Learn the fundamentals of playing guitar, from keeping a basic, steady tempo, to playing the lead guitar through chord changes of a jazz ensemble. Maybe you always wanted to learn to play guitar but never had the time. Learning to play an instrument will develop problem solving skills, discipline, and self expression.

Learn how to:

tunerTune your instrument
music standPlay with proper technique
sheet musicUse music theory
rockstar handPlay like your favorite artists!